HMD Entertainment

HMD Entertainment was founded in 2012 from an idea by President and CEO Dr. Ronald Wolff. After contemplating the different methodologies of casino gaming, Ron focused on creating a new, totally different game that combined classic poker hands with a betting concept seen in Roulette. 

Pokerlette® was born, and Ron’s three sons were instrumental in its design. Michael, an engineer, helped create the layout. Steven, a UNLV gaming student at the time, helped with odds. Aaron, due to some very mild autistic traits, could visualize what others could not and had developed strategies for automatically winning certain board games. His input was used to insure that no winning strategy for Pokerlette could be found.

Ron promoted his game in Las Vegas and wherever he could. He shot a commercial, had a Windows and Macintosh version of the game developed to play on line, but could not make the breakthrough he was seeking.

In 2015, Ron met George Fiorile of 5 Diamond Development Inc. George had worked in the casino industry since 1988, before he started his consulting firm, 5 Diamond Development Inc.. George saw Pokerlette and immediately had Ron’s faith in its future success. Together they used input from George’s casino manager friends to hone the game and get to its refined present form.

Ron was out walking his dog Warrior one day and thinking about other card games he was familiar with, when he started thinking about the game “Acey –Deucy”. While he was walking he contemplated if the concept could work in a casino format and then went about creating Field GoalTM, a game where the player gets cards that fit through the designated card value “goal posts”, determined by the dealer’s lone upcard. George immediately latched on to the new concept, and broadened it to allow the other players to bet for or against the “kicker” or active player. Field Goal has all the exciting action of a craps table in a very simple game.

Ron and George recently teamed up with TCS John Huxley Inc. to create a Huxley “Blaze” table for Pokerlette. All the winning spots now light up with LED’s built under the felt, which makes the game much easier for both dealers and security personnel. They demonstrated the new table at the 2018 NIGA convention in Las Vegas and then shipped the table to Canterbury Park Racino in Minnesota which will is now the new home of Pokerlette.

Breaking News!

Pokerlette is live at Canterbury Park in Minnesota as of  March 2019.

In the News

George Fiorile is interviewed for House of Cards®. 

House of Cards, (, a weekly one hour talk radio program, focuses on the business and entertainment side of the casino and gaming industry.

Field Goal Demonstration Video



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Field Goal


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How to Play Pokerlette

Pokerlette is a mix between roulette and poker and is available exclusively at Canterbury Park. Watch as one of the dealers at Canterbury Park shows you how to play.